We are always looking for talented people, so if you think you are right for us, then we would love to see your work.

We will collect and keep your information in our database and store them for at least 6 month, but we will not, in no circumstances, trade or share your data with any other company.

Work for us.

Current Opportunities



Senior Compositor

You are a senior compositor with at least 8 years experience.

Your mainly used software is either Nuke or Flame.

You can solve every compositing related task.

As a senior you know way more than just your major software.

DMP, tracking, keying, color correction and painting is nothing you worry about.

CG integration, set extension and prep is your daily business.

Subject line should contain:

SeniorCompositor - Your Name - Your Software - Feature or Commercials - wage in euro/hour






Senior CG Generalist

You are a senior CG artist with at least 8 years experience.

Your mainly used software is either Maya or Softimage.

Your key skills are moddeling, texturing, lighting and rendering.

You have a basic knowledge in animation. (rigging and character animation skills are not required)

If you have in depth knowledge about simulation and Houdini please have a look at our FX Silulation

opportunity too.

We are looking for a generalist but everybody has a dicipline he likes most. We would like to know

what your favorite dicipline is and maybe why.

Subject line should contain:

SeniorCGArtist - Your Name - Your Software - Feature or Commercials - wage in euro/hour






FX Artist

You are a mid-senior FX artist with at least 4 years experience.

Your mainly used software is Houdini.

You have in depth knowledge in particle simulation like fire, smoke, dust, fireworks, explosions etc.

You are excellent creating fluid simulations from a cup of coffee to ocean size.

You have a solid knowledge about cloth simulation.

You maybe dont care about fur, at least we don't ;-)

Subject line should contain:

(mid or senior)FXartist - Your Name - Houdini - Feature or Commercials - wage in euro/hour







You are a senior colorist with at least 5 years experience in color grading.

You don't strugle using blackmagic's davinci with tangent's element.

You like working with clients whether it is a director, dop or ad-agency.

You are not shy and you always have a creative proposal.

You work very organized and have experience managing high amounts of data.

Are you the 30 seconds or 2 hour person. Please send us a line if you are more after

commercials or feature film and maybe why.

Subject line should contain:

SeniorColorist - Your Name - DaVinci - Feature or Commercials - wage in euro/hour





You like to play with graphics whether it is typography or shapes or color.

Adobe is your software package and you know everything about AfterEffects, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Maybe you do a little 3D animation too in either Maya or Softimage. (Sorry we don't use Max or C4D)

You can animate graphics on life action footage so 3D tracking is no big deal for you.

You have basic compositing skills so you don't need assistance when keying or color correction or roto is required.

A huge plus would be if you have skills in drawing or painting. If you have experience creating story boards, concept art or just pen and pencil layouts please let us know or even better add some examples to your application.

We think searching for senior- or midlevel artists is pointless coz a good taste in art and design has nothing to do with experience, however we would like to know how long you are working in the industry and if you like working with clients or not.

Subject line should contain:

GraphicArtist - Your Name - AfterEffects - wage in euro/hour




RotoArtist (local and remote)

You are a roto artist with at least 2 years roto experience in a roto department.

Hollywood Feature Film experience prefered.

Prefered software should be Silhouette, additional Nuke skills would be handy.

Paint and prep skills (wire removal, tracking marker removal, scratch removal) considered as a plus.

We want to be very clear at this point, we don't want junior compers to apply for this position, we want senior roto artists, that is a huge difference. If you are a junior comper or a student who wants to get involved, that is fine too and we would love to recive you application, but our company rule is to hire professionals for a professional task.

Interns, trainees and juniors have whelp protection in our company, seniors work with tight deadlines.

Subject line should contain:

RotoArtist - Your Name - Silhouette - (remote or local) - wage in euro/hour