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What is PeppermintPost?

Peppermintpost is a postproduction boutique foundet in 1999 in Cologne, Germany. Since these early days of digital postproduction our aim always was and still is to deliver top nutch quality at the edge of technologie. In the beginning we worked for high end German production companies such as Caspari Film, Telemaz Commercials and New Sentimental Film. During this time New Sentimental Film became the biggest commercial production company in Europe. Telemaz Commercials was the 2nd most successfull production company in Germany. From the beginning we were interrested in television too, so we did some work for the two major broadcast stations here in Germany named RTL Television and SAT.1

A step forward was our entry into the feature film business. We worked on early vfx heavy productions like "Ice Planet" or "Sound of Thunder" and we are still thrilled to work for the big screen. Our latest work on Hollywood blockbusters like "Total Recall", "The Great Gatsby" or vfx academy award winner "Hugo" by Marin Scorsese can prove our passion.

We love German reliability and precision, but we appreciate creative input from international artists even more, so our goal is always to hire best international talent money can buy to deliver the best and most creative work imaginable.




Who is Peppermintpost?

As we are still a small post house, our base team is only 3 people. We try everything to avoid a huge overhead, so we keep the base team tiny. In our opinion this is the only way to keep the prices low and have a tight relationship with our clients.

So have a look who we are.




Torsten Neuendorf

Is the facility manager. With nearly 18 years in the postproduction industry and some years in professional photography, his experience covers almost everything, from set supervision, pre production consulting, post supervision, concept art or just bidding and project organisation.

He has a very solid background as a Flame and Nuke artist in commercial postproduction and feature film vfx work.

Automotive and beauty commercials are his major strength. So it is not surprising that he worked with many national and international celebrities during his career.




Karsten Knafla

Is the director. With two decades in the industry, he is a master when it comes to advertising. He worked for years on many many Ford ads and made his reputation in automotive. During his career he covered many of the worlds most famous car manufacturers like Audi, Mercedes Benz, Nissan to talk just about a few. But he is not only working in automotive, he likes technology in general, with films for Microsoft, Lanxess or Bayer.

Karsten has a very strong knowledge about postproduction too, so it makes sense for us when it comes to design concepts and look creation or if it is about story telling to have him on board.

Having him on set is obviously huge advantage anyway.




Barbara Richter

She is the new kid on the block, with "only" 14 years in business. Barbara is a surpreme Flame artist. You can see her commercials on tv every day. She worked and still works for the premium postproductions across Germany. Commercials are her daily business omega replica, but as a singer in a rock band she has a passion for everything music related. Artists like David Guetta or Rihanna appreciate her creative input. Over the past few years she developed her skills in fashion, from concept to complex shootings, from tv to print.

When you need propper expertise in food commercials barbara is your artists, but when it comes to feature vfx then you should consider her too, she is working on features since 2004 for i.e. Wim Wenders or the Paramount.